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Women's Western Fashion Mistake - Adding Too Much Pink

By Lisa Anthony

Pink western wear has become increasingly popular. With that popularity comes new western wear excitement, but at the same time, many fashion blunders. As with any new fashion craze, things can be taken too far and create fashion disaster. Colors like pink and purple used in moderation can say "I'm western, but I am a lady and I am proud of it!"

There are some definite do's and don'ts of using pink in your cowgirl clothing wardrobe. Here are some examples:

  • Pink Jeans, Pink Boots, and a Pink Hat. Too much! Especially if they are different shades of pink. All this pink says "I'm a little too giddy and immature".
  • Pink Shirt, Pink Hat, and Pink Belt. Once again, too much and you will look like a pink ice cream cone.
  • Pink Boots, Pink Jeans, and a Purple Hat. Wow, give it up or face laughter in the streets!

I have actually seen these fashion blunders in action. I've witnessed them in person, and sometimes in bad magazine advertising.

Try these combinations instead for the perfect touch of pink:

  • Brown Boots, Pink Jeans, Brown Belt with Silver Buckle, White Shirt, Earrings and Necklace with Pink Accents and a White Hat with a Pink Hat Band. This says, "I love pink in my western, but I am a classy lady".
  • Black Boots, Blue Jeans, Pink Belt with Crystal or Diamond Bling Buckle, Pink or Pink Striped Shirt, Pink Accented Bracelet, Black Hat with a Crystal or Diamond Hat Band. This one says "I'm into pink and I am ready for some fun tonight, but I am a classy cowgirl".
  • In both these examples, pink is accenting and accessorizing your western style, not dominating it. This approach allows you to love pink, but keep your western fashion integrity.

Don't ever underestimate using pink or pink accented jewelry to give more femininity to your cowgirl clothing. Even if you are a "hardcore" western fashion lady, using pink western jewelry can make things just soft enough to give people a much different impression of you. Pink western jewelry is also a great way to add some western flair to any type of fashion. As turquoise and silver becomes a more popular way to "westernize" many fashions, pink accented western jewelry can serve the same purpose. You can never lose with using jewelry to give you

Women's Western Fashion Mistake - Adding Too Much Pink
the right accents you are looking for. Just as gold says something different than silver, so can color accents in your jewelry. Even using a pink leather cord necklace can give you "just enough" pink to accent your cowgirl clothing.

Remember, don't go overboard and end up looking like a bad billboard. Accent and accessorize to say the right things. You will love the compliments you get adding pink to your western wear.

Lisa Anthony is owner of KickBootaccessories.com. Lisa loves the western lifestyle and western decorating. She is also a fanatic about cowgirl clothing and cowgirl boot accessories. She also loves to write articles and blogs regularly about western men's and women's western clothing and fashions.

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